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SM-7 Series European style magnetic Sensor
  • SM-7 Series European style magnetic Sensor

SM-7 Series European style magnetic Sensor

2-wires and 3-wires verison, reed or electronic goods, all series with LED indicator, suitable for SMC cylinders or any capatible goods, M8 M12 connector type available, OEM supported
Detailed description

  • 1. 2-wires or 3-wires version, standard with LED indicator;
  • 2. Various models are available, suitable for many kinds of cylinders;
  • 3. Compatible for SMC cylinders and else brands cylinders;
  • 4. Can do M8 / M12 connector version;
  • 5. Cost-effective products to meet your requirements.

Models Guide:


Models Sensing sensitivity


Working voltage Polarity protection Outputs
SM-7R 45-55Gs 1000Hz 5-120V DC/AC -- 2-wires.NO
SM-7R2 45-55Gs 1000Hz 5-120V DC/AC -- 2-wires.NC
SM-7RC 45-55Gs 1000Hz 5-30V DC -- 2-wires.NO.NC.
SM-7N 40-750Gs 5000Hz 10-28V DC Yes NPN.NO.
SM-7N2 40-750Gs 5000Hz 5-30V DC Yes NPN.NC.
SM-7P 40-750Gs 5000Hz 5-30V DC Yes PNP.NO.
SM-7P2 40-750Gs 5000Hz 5-30V DC Yes PNP.NC.


Models SM-7R SM-7RC SM-7B SM-7N
Induction principle Reed type Reed type Electronic 2-wires type NPN type
Use Voltage range 5~120V DC/AC 5~30V DC/AC 10~28V DC/AC 5~30V DC/AC
Max. switching current 100mA Max. 500mA Max. 50mA Max. 200mA Max.
Max.contact capacity 10W Max. 10W Max. 1.4W Max. 6W Max.
Internal consumption current None 10mA Max.@24V 12(40)μA Max.@24V 7.5mA Max.@24V
Residual pressure drop 2.5V Max.@100mA DC 2.5V Max.@100mA DC 2.6V Max.@100mA DC 1V Max.@200mA DC
Drain current None None 20(90)μA Max.@24V 0.01mA Max.
Indicator lights Red LED Red LED Red LED Red LED
Cable conductor 2C, black PVC 2C, black PVC 2C, black PVC 3C, black PVC
Sensing sensitivity 45~55Gs 45~55Gs 40~750Gs 40~750Gs
Max. switching frequency 1000Hz 1000Hz 1000Hz 5000Hz
Operating Temperature -10~+70℃ -10~+70℃ -10~+70℃ -10~+70℃
Impact-resistant 30G 30G 50G 50G
Vibration-resistant 9G 9G 9G 9G
Protection level IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Reverse polarity protection None None yes yes




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