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S18 series photo sensor
  • S18 series photo sensor
  • S18 series photo sensor
  • S18 series photo sensor
  • S18 series photo sensor
  • S18 series photo sensor

S18 series photo sensor

S18 series photo sensor, it can be plastic shell or metal shell, and also reflective, mirror reflective or through beam for choice, IR invisible light, NO.NC, NPN PNP. It's a universal type photo sensor for widely application, we can do cable type or connector type, please choose the product which is meet your needs.
Detailed description

  • 1. Cylindrical shape, amplifier built-in, similar to proximity sensor appearance;
  • 2. Short housing, suitable for most of applications;
  • 3. Three detection method: Diffsue, retro-reflective, and Through beam Type;
  • 4. High lighting LED indicator,easy to see from different directions;
  • 5. Short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection, sensing range adjustable.

Models Guide:


Sensing Type Head Models

Sensing Method

Sensing Range Weight (g) Outputs
Diffuse S18 sensor M18 S18-R40NC Diffuse 400mm Approx.65 NPN.NO.NC.
S18 Reflective photo sensor M18 S18-M300NC Retro-Reflective 3000mm Approx.75 NPN.NO.NC.
Through-beam S18 photo sensor M18 S18-T1000NC Through-Beam 10m Approx.115 NPN.NO.NC.
S18-T1000PC PNP.NO.NC.

PS: with "N" mean NPN.NO.NC, with "P" mean PNP.NO.NC


Sensing Ways Thr-beam type Retro-reflective type Diffuse type
Output Method NPN.NO/NC / PNP.NO.NC
Light Source Infrared lights
Ambient Operating Illumination Incandescent lamp: ≦3000Lux ; Sunshine: ≦10000 Lux
Protection loop Reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection
Operating Voltage 10~30 VDC ±10% (P-P) 10% below
Current Consumption DC: 45mA Max DC: 25mA Max DC: 25mA Max
Load Current 200mA Max
Vibation Resistance 10~55Hz; 1.5mm X,Y,Z direction lasting 2 hours
Shock Resistance 500m/s (Approx.50g) / X,Y,Z direction lasting 2 hours
Residual Voltage ≦1 VDC
Ambient Humidity 35%-85% RH
Operating Temperature -25℃~+70℃ (no-freezing), storage: -30℃~+80℃
Housing PC, PMMA (lens)
Protection Degree IP65


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PDF of S18 series>>

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